Privacy Policy

SFS Cargo Express is committed to ensure the confidentiality of its online services. Please read the following document to understand the treatment we give your personal information when using our services.


This Privacy Policy explains the use we give to the personal information you provide to SFS Cargo Express when you use our services, including information related to the past order you have made in the past of products and services of SFS Cargo Express. We define personal information as the set of data that identify you, such as your name, address, email and telephone number. This is private data, ie is available to the general public.

SFS Cargo Express Privacy Policy does not cover the use companies, (not owned by SFS Cargo Express and on which SFS Cargo Express has no control) or any individual or person outside SFS Cargo Express (SFS Cargo Express to not employ or manage), can give to customers personal information.


SFS Cargo Express collects customers’ personal information from users who sign up to open an SFS Cargo Expressaccount. This information is necessary to use products or services SFS Cargo Express, provides and, to visit sites within SFS Cargo Express and/or to participate in promotions. Our customers and suppliers can also provide SFS Cargo Express certain personal information from users.

• When you sign up in SFS Cargo Express, we request the following information: name, email address, birth date, gender, zip code, etc. At the end of your subscription and when you start using our services, you become a valid user for us.

Requested mail: Subscriptions to magazines, catalogs, certified or registered mail, documents, invoices, statements and Commercial Banking, etc. are considered Requested mail.


SFS Cargo Express does not sell or rent any personal information from its customers.

SFS Cargo Express will share personal information you provide us when:

You authorize us to share such information.

We need to share information to provide a service that has been requested from us.

We need to send that information to companies that work for SFS Cargo Express and will allow us to provide a product or service. (Unless we indicate you otherwise, these companies cannot use the data on for any purpose other than that specified by SFS Cargo Express).

We feel the need to respond to citations and / or legal processes:

If we believe that your actions on our Web sites violate the SFS Cargo Express Terms of Service or any of the rules of our products or services.


SFS Cargo Express can place cookies on your computer and access them afterwards.

SFS Cargo Express allows companies that advertise on our web sites to place cookies on our customers’ computers. The use they give to these cookies is subject to their own privacy policies and not SFS Cargo Express’. Neither advertisers nor other companies have access to SFS Cargo Express’ cookies.


SFS Cargo Express allows you to modify your SFS Cargo Express’ Account information whenever you want to (here it’s included the decision to allow SFS Cargo Express to contact you to inform you of certain promotions or new products).

You can also request deletion of your SFS Cargo Express account. Simply fill this feedback form. Click here to find out what data will be in our records once you've canceled your SFS Cargo Express account.


Personal information from your SFS Cargo Express account is protected by a password.

In certain areas SFS Cargo Express protects the transmission of personal data with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer Secure Contacts) technology and stores it on a coded format (encrypted).


SFS Cargo Express performs occasionally amends to this policy. If the changes we make are important and affect directly to the use we give to personal information of our customers, we will let you know in our prominent news pages about it.