We offer the following services:

1. Consolidation for air and sea cargo (LCL Service):

Air Cargo Consolidation: Air shipments are made daily, usually delivered in 24 hours. We offer general cargo, priority cargo or courier.

Consolidation for Ocean Freight: We receive small shipments from a customer, prepare and pack the cargo separately and then consolidate it with other customers’ cargo to complete the containers capacity and then dispatch the container. This service is not recommendable when the cargo volume is small as the minimum shipping charges are very high in sea freight.

2. Containers:
FCL (full container) service which involves filling the container or the complete service including freight, documentation and dispatch.

3. Storage:
We offer warehouses as a service to store the goods of our customers. We offer effective security systems, computerized surveillance 24 hours a day and a modern vault for high value or luxury goods.

4. Distribution:
We receive merchandise from our customers to be redistributed to their final customers.

5. Inventory:
We process your cargo, registering and classifying your products with order and precision; we check, count and document all the cargo details on an inventory.

6. Purchasing:
We offer purchasing services in the US to our customers, no matter where they are. You can generate the purchase or just make the payment, we receive your purchase in our warehouses and we hold the cargo until we receive packing, wrapping and shipping instructions.

7. Wrapping and Packaging:
By request of our customers SFS Cargo Express offers the service to prepare their goods in different types of packaging including E Containers, D Containers, pallets, wooden boxes, crates, among others. The materials should be adapted to the products requirements and facilitate the storage, handling and product protection during transport.

8. International Courier:
SFS provides courier service for Ecuador and Panama, with daily shipments and deliveries in 24, 48 and 72 hours. Our technology allows you to track the trajectory throughout the shipping and distribution process.

9. In / Out:
Customer merchandise is received in our warehouses and kept safe until we receive shipping instructions from our customers.

10. Pickups:
Collection service is offered within the area of Florida and / or in any State in USA.