Terms and Conditions


SFS Cargo Express receive the goods and / or correspondence, inspect it, identify it, re-pack it (if necessary), consolidate it (based on customers instructions), transport it by air or sea, manage customs clearance (according to the contracted transportation service) and deliver it to the address that the customer has previously indicated.


a. In / Out: If the client wants, he can pick up his shipment at our office, for a fee.

b. Pickups: Pickups Orders (pickups) can be processed, minimum charge of $ 30.00 applies and / or by request.

c. Returns: Returns Requirements apply with In / Out fees plus the costs of delivering again such goods and / or correspondence to the suppliers’ address.


The rate applies to the net weight of the goods and / or correspondence unless the following exception applies:

The volumetric weight relation will apply to all the goods and / or correspondence wich weighing VOLUME pounds is greater than the net weight in pounds calculated by multiplying the volume (length by width by height) in inches divided by one hundred sixty six (166).


The value of the insurance contract is a minimum of $ 100.oo or 1% of the declared value of the goods delivered compared with the commercial invoice, contract insurance coverage is limited to theft and / or loss of goods, damage to the goods for transportation are not considered for coverage and application of the insurance contract.


The client is responsible for paying taxes, customs duties and / or any other value payable for the nationalization of goods to the destination country.


The Customer agrees to make the following payments:

a. Freight, insurance and other charges; generated by sending correspondence and / or merchandise according to the previously quoted rates and other charges that might incur in the process such as warehousing, repacking and special handling.

b. Taxes and Tariff fees; generated by the nationalization of the goods imported by the Customer to the destination country.

c. Purchasing in the USA and / or commissions for the Purchasing Service; only in the event that the Customer requests this service and agrees to the terms and conditions for this service.

The dispatch and delivery of goods and / or Customer correspondence is subject to pre-payment of the mentioned charges.

SFS Cargo Express reserves the right to take possession of all goods and / or correspondence after 180 days that the cargo have been abandoned by the customer for nonpayment.

Banking Deposit payments: Available in certain destinations, the customer agrees with SFS Cargo Express to make bank deposits for charges incurred in transporting your goods.

The client agrees to apply the following procedure for verification of the transaction:

a. He will write the invoice number or air waybill or BL in the deposit slip.

b. He will provide a digitized copy of the deposit slip, which should be sent via e-mail


a. The customer authorizes SFS Cargo Express to accept correspondence and / or merchandise directed to our address.

b. The customer authorizes SFS Cargo Express, to take the necessary steps, with the purpose of sending correspondence and / or merchandise to the address in the destination country.

c. Customer releases SFS Cargo Express from any liability for claims in the reception, handling, preparation and / or delivery of correspondence and / or merchandise, unless SFS Cargo Express has been negligent.


a. The client will be responsible for any breach of the law.

b. The client agrees to accept the existing postal laws of his country of residence, the United States and the European Community.

c. The Customer agrees not to send materials and / or illegal or restricted substances, such as drugs, cash, dangerous goods (explosives, flammable chemicals, firearms, live animals, perishables, plants, seeds, pornographic material , jewelry, drugs of all kinds etc.), or any other item prohibited by local customs authorities in the destination country.

It is the customers’ sole responsibility to be familiarized with such restrictions before making a shipment through SFS Cargo Express.

d. SFS Cargo Express will not be responsible for losses resulting by customs seizure.

e. SFS Cargo Express reserves the right to stop and refuse any object or merchandise which might result in any injury, damage or fines to SFS Cargo Express. Certain goods may require a license to be granted the right to be exported. Customer is responsible for managing and delivering SFS Cargo Express all documents necessary to obtain any license required.

f. SFS Cargo Express reserves the right to detain any goods suspected or identified as acquired through illegal and / or fraud transaction. Customer information will be provided to local and international authorities for legal action.

g. Customer authorizes SFS Cargo Express to inspect each commodity, releasing SFS Cargo Express from all responsibility for any additional documents required by the the United States laws.


This agreement, the rights and obligations of the parties referred shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Dade County, State of Florida, in the United States. In case of disagreement between the parties with the validity, effects, rights, rape and / or execution of this contract that cannot be reconciled, shall be settled by arbitrators appointed by you and SFS Cargo Express.